How Long Does It Take To Design and Construct Steel Buildings

The time to design and construct the steel buildings can vary due to several factors. Redesigning, building complications and human control are some of the major factors that affect the length of the construction.

If you are planning to choose the best steel construction company in Canada, go for Ironspan, one of the most trusted and reputed steel manufacturing companies having 60 years of working experience in this field.

Here are some of the important variables that can impact the length of the construction of steel buildings-


The design of steel structure plays an important role in the overall construction of the buildings. When the architects consider the designing phase, the accuracy in the design sketch is the main factor that impacts the time to get the drawings approved. The engineered drawings mean enough detailing. The clearer and better the designing details, the faster will be the time taken to assemble all the items together. It will overall speed up your steel construction process.


Once the drawing gets approved and they are ready to go, it is time to assemble the materials together. Choosing the material is a little bit tricky. The materials that are in the stock will reduce the fabrication time while the custom-made materials take a longer time to assemble.

When thinking about the fabrication process, it is all about fixing one case with the other. The more complex is the building, the longer will be the fabrication time. Even the materials that are shipped from other places also take construction time. While shipping the materials, factors like weather, distance, and other conditions are also taken into consideration.


It is no secret that the construction schedule will go off the course from time to time. It is quite normal that the construction time will extend due to several weather conditions and the type of equipment used. It is also important to consider that the building size also plays an important role in the overall time taken for construction. The simply designed buildings take less time than the complex ones.

Talking about the reputed Steel structure builders in Canada like Ironspan, this company provides steel construction services for both commercial and industrial sectors. The size of the building plays a major role in the overall project time.

Steel was used to make the first skyscrapers in the 19th century. But, currently, steel structures are used to make various smaller buildings and even larger commercial spaces. Steel is considered as the green product as it can be recycled again and again. The steel parts can be reassembled again to form new structures as per the need of the architects.

Due to the immense strength and durability of steel structures, they are used to make buildings that are durable than the wooden structures. If you want to get in touch with the best commercial metal manufacturers, choose Ironspan in Canada that has good reputation in the market.


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