What Are The Many Ways To Use Commercial Steel Buildings?

Steel buildings are the most flexible options to date. When we say flexible, we mean that steel buildings make a perfect choice for any all sorts of uses. A majority of people still think that commercial steel buildings in Canada as metal barns or warehouses. They do not realize that there is a range of uses that a commercial steel building has to offer.

Why steel buildings are so flexible?

Steel being the most versatile building material makes a great choice for building construction. You can thank its super durable and cost-effective nature. Structures built using steel, are more likely to last for years to come and need a little maintenance. Steel buildings are made and designed to easily reconfigured and expanded.

As compared to wood, steel is lighter than stone, concrete and is designed to stand on a lighter and smaller foundation. An appropriate bracing in place, steel buildings can produce extreme spaces, which is impossible with any other building material.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Steel buildings consist of an insulated framework designed for energy efficiency, and there is easily accessed space for:

  • Cables
  • Wiring
  • Pipes and
  • other utilities

A building’s outside area can be custom-tailored so that it looks like any other materials because steel can be built and designed in a range of shapes. No wonder, such buildings are built and reutilized in several ways.


Metal indoor sports facility – With steel, one can build a multipurpose sports facility for an event centre or community.

Car dealership – An ideal car dealership business must have to consider an open span design. With steel buildings, you can easily accommodate large doors. Being a car dealer, it is necessary for the dealer to move several vehicles in and out. Steel buildings can be designed and built to satisfy high wind load, protecting the property from damage.

Specialty agriculture – With steel buildings, it is easy for you to design and build customized stables. In open spaces, it is easy to install stalls for different uses.

Dog day care-It is becoming popular day by day and a day-care is the right choice for keeping dogs groomed and socialized.

Why Iron Span Canada?

At Iron Span Canada, we have the right expertise and knowledge to provide you with steel building solutions at every budget. Being an industry leader, we focus greatly on the most advanced technology for fabric structures to make sure that the constructed buildings are durable.

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