Are Steel Structures Stronger Than Traditional Wooden Framed Structures?

When it comes to construction, you want to make sure that the structure stands the test of time. Contractors must keep elements like rain, snow, wind, heat in mind while installing a building.


You might be wondering whether steel or wooden framed buildings are a feasible choice. Steel is much stronger than wooden frames. Here is what you want to know about why steel buildings are considered to be stronger than traditional wooden buildings.


Why are steel buildings more popular?

Less steel is required 

A steel building requires beams, columns, and girts to distribute and resist loads, supporting the structure’s interior and exterior finishes. When it comes to strength, a steel building has more capacity than a wooden building.

Steel building manufacturers in Canada choose steel over wood because of this reason only. Steel offers more structural strength per dollar. The amount of steel needed for a construction project is less than the amount of wood.

Since steel is more robust than wood, you will have to pay for the extra strength. However, you may pay a little more per ounce of steel, but you will require a fewer amount of steel.

Steel buildings are meant to support loads of industrial equipment at a lower cost. This is why steel is considered to be the go-to material for commercial and industrial building construction.

Great designs

Steel buildings allow for great designs. Steel is what enables builders and engineers to come up with great designs quickly. Steel is able to cover a longer distance than wood. It is also possible to build larger open spaces with no supporting columns or walls using steel.

Whether you need a large industrial warehouse or a meeting area in corporate headquarters, steel can fit any business need. Thanks to steel’s power and strength, you can create a large space to suit any business purpose.

Safety of using steel

Steel is not ignitable; on the other hand, wood is. That means that you have peace of mind in terms of increased safety with steel buildings. Fire can cause severe damage to buildings. With steel structures, it is easier to escape the risk of fire.

Adhere to local building codes

While designing and installing a steel building, it is vital to make sure your project abides by the local building laws and codes. While hiring a steel building company, do not hesitate to discuss where and how the building will be erected. Also, make sure that whether they keep local building codes in mind.

Not much can go wrong with pre-engineered steel buildings if designed and erected correctly. They are meant to offer the safety and durability that you need.

All in all, steel is more structurally fit than wood; hence its popularity amongst builders and users is growing day by day. If you want your next project to be a successful one, work with a reputable steel building company that fits your budget and needs.

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