Custom Storage Containers Are The New Offices

Shipping containers have been used for the storage and transport of goods and packaged products for over 100 years and are still being used today. However, the advent of the 21st century has opened our eyes to the untapped potential of custom storage containers, especially in Canada, where they are being highly sought-after. Untapped potential refers to the fact that shipping containers offer so much more than just shipping benefits but a variety of possible applications, the most popular of which is remodeling into office spaces.

Shipping container offices are a growing trend in office construction because of their infinite customization options, portability, and low prices. This makes steel storage containers in Canada a hot commodity for many start-up companies, mobile offices for organizations, and pop-up offices.

Why use a custom storage container as an office?


Offices are a reflection of your business. It represents who you are and an insight into how you conduct business dealings. A decent first impression is vital for any company, especially considering the fact that finding and funding an office in a traditional space is a challenge. The following reasons show that custom storage containers are an ideal office:

  • Cost-effective:

Commercial spaces are expensive. The most headache-inducing aspects are the permits, upkeep, and rent, depending on your location. Depending on the currency in different deals, the costs differ. However, generally, the cost of per square foot shipping container office is one-third of what it would be for a traditional commercial office construction.

  • Customizable:

This is the most obvious, but we haven’t fully explored all the possibilities. The most basic is that the storage container can be furnished, we can get electrical connections and even water connections. Any setup or combination is possible. The best part is that they can be single or laid out in multi-story configurations.

  • Storage containers are environmentally friendly:

Instead of investing thousands of dollars into energy-saving, cooling, heating, and lighting systems, going green from the start with a custom storage container office is an interesting possibility. There are a few ways to be more environmentally conscious with custom storage containers:

  • Lower energy use:

With efficient use of space, the cost of heating, lighting, and cooling require less energy. A good by-product of that is lower emissions.

  • Reuse and recycle:

The atmosphere would be more conducive to keeping the surroundings cleaner because of the smaller space.

  • Sustainable construction:

Containers are prebuilt and ready to be converted into office buildings; you save time on construction compared to traditional methods. The less time we spend building means less time transporting the materials and powering large machines. That usually means fewer carbon emissions. An interesting fact is a fact that container offices are made of reused building materials. A study found that 82% to 87% of all greenhouse gas emissions from building constructions come from producing the building materials themselves.

At Ironspan Canada, we emphasize providing you sufficient quality within your affordability. We have always stressed on the utilisation of the latest technologies of fabric structures and the Hollow Structural Sections (HSS), ensuring that all our constructed buildings speak of strength, uniqueness, and durability in designs. Contact us now to view our latest innovations!!

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