Different types of ramp construction in commercial buildings

Technological evolution is inextricably linked with continuous growth in innovation and implementation. A very obvious example of this is in the evolution of commercial steel buildings in Canada over the years.

Types of Ramps Constructions in Canada

Ramps have always been the product of necessity to support various technologies like the introduction of wheelchairs into daily living and the construction of new and improved parking spaces in commercial buildings. As a result, multiple kinds of ramps conform to various specifications and find varied applications in various settings and constructions.

The most common application of ramps construction in various kinds of wheelchair ramps in a range of pre-engineered buildings in Canada. Wheelchairs have experienced continuous upgrades over the years to the point that wheelchairs now can travel across various terrains and at times even without assistance. The whole point of wheelchair access is to incorporate and make sure those with disabilities are included and able to utilize and access the same facilities as the rest of the population.

While there are various types of ramps with varying specifications, they have numerous modifications that conform them to different building constructions. Some of these ramps are listed as such:

ramps construction in Canada
ramps construction in Canada

Telescoping track ramps:

Generally made from aluminum, these ramps are light. They have a compact design that makes them ideal for wheelchair users. They also have non-skid threads that provide excellent traction, especially in wet conditions.

Suitcase ramps:

The compact and lightweight construction is designed to be folded. The combination of a lightweight construction made from aluminum and a high load-bearing capacity ensures that they are easily folded and stored for big and small steep stairways. They are most suitable for spaces with insufficient space for a standard ramp feature.

Modular ramps:

An attractive alternative to standard wooden fixed ramps, the modular design gives the flexibility to select the type of access angles and needed levels. As a result, these ramps are ideal for walkers, rollators, and canes. These ramps are available in various models made from materials like aluminum and colorbond steel.

Trifold ramps:

Very similar in design to suitcase ramps, these ramps are not considered permanent installations and are designed to be folded for transportation and storage. Additionally, they are ideal for use against higher stairs. The main construction material is mostly aluminum.

These are a few of the ramps most commonly used in various forms of commercial and residential buildings all over the country. Combined with various additional supports such as modular handrails, these ramps are modified to customize them according to requirements.

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