How are ramps as important as stairs in any commercial buildings?

By definition, ramps are sloped pathways that are used both inside and outside commercial or residential buildings for providing access between different levels.

Ramps offer an alternative path of movement for people on wheelchairs, vehicles for moving into building parking spaces, and loading and unloading equipment and supplies. Thus, ramps are considered an integral part of the construction of buildings. For this reason, companies that specialize in ramps construction in Canada are highly sought after. However, there are several considerations that are taken into account when building a ramp. There are several types of ramps that differ based on utility and material.

Here are some of the issues that must be considered in the design of ramps:

  • Accurate calculations of slope, length, width
  • The difference between levels
  • The target of use and the type of assistance needed
  • Surface materials
  • Access and approach for the ramp
  • Requirement and positioning of handrails
  • Availability and appropriate dimensioning of landing
  • Impact of a ramp on the surrounding space
  • Cost
  • Compliance with all building regulations

Characteristics and uses of ramps:

  • The ramp floor should not be very smooth to prevent slipping or sliding. The ramps finishing are usually safeguarded with non-slippery tiles.

  • The ramps are usually sloped at a 1 in 10 or 1 in 15. This method of supplying a means of ascent and descent usually needs a lot of space

  • The ramps don’t necessarily have to be straight. It can be curved as well. For instance, spiral ramps are provided for access to certain upper-level parking in some buildings.

  • Ramps for wheelchairs have handrails.

  • Ramps are usually constructed in public buildings where there is large foot traffic.

The constructive specifications of various ramps differ based on their utility, material, and the ramp resign standards of different governing bodies. Internally, ramps are made in addition to staircases so as to make it possible for people who are physically challenged in wheelchairs to access the buildings. Externally, ramps are used in all commercial and residential buildings to provide easy access to vehicles. In commercial buildings, straight ramps are used to provide access to parking spaces, whereas curved ramps provide access to upper-level parking spaces.

Shape of ramps:

  • The transverse slope of the ramp should be at most up to 2%. This aids in avoiding lateral slippage.

  • In the case of wheelchair ramps, for every change in the ramp’s direction, a 50-cm horizontal landing is provided to facilitate 360-degree rotation of the wheelchair.

  • Lamps don’t necessarily have to be straight. As explained earlier, they can be curved as well.

Types of material for commercial ramps:

  • Wood:

Mostly used for residential, wood is relatively inexpensive but takes several days to build along with permit costs. Wood ramps require extensive maintenance as well.

  • Aluminum:

Ramps made from aluminum provide customizable access solutions and are relatively maintenance-free, along with being resistant to harsh weather conditions. The only con is that they have a high initial set-up cost.

  • Steel:

Apart from being prone to rusting in wet climates, steel allows for a design that is customizable for any property.

  • Concrete:

Ramps made from concrete are a durable and low-maintenance option. The downside is that it requires a high installation and removal cost and takes a lot of time and prep work.

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