How to Choose the Right Steel Storage Container for Business Purpose

Determining the right storage container size should be done after considering the three basic questions described below-


1. Do you require the container for any on-site storage facility or as a custom solution?

2. How much and what size of the items you will store in the storage box?

3. How much space do you need to store the container?


What Do You Understand Between On-Site Storage Container And Custom Container?


Though the portable steel containers are available in various sizes that range from 10ft to 50ft and the industry-fitted lengths and the ones that are popular and are of high demand, the affordable storage containers are available in sizes like 20ft and 40fts. Apart from these sizes, some storage containers are used for custom storage, commercial solutions, and workplaces. If you are looking for a portable steel container for your normal work, you can choose the one with a standard size like 20ftx40tx40ft. However, custom containers are gaining importance these days due to their wide range of utilities. Hence, several companies nowadays provide custom steel storage containers for customers. For instance, Ironspan is one of the reputed names that provide custom storage containers in Canada and nearby areas. 


Amount and Size of Storage Containers


Considering the amount and size of the items you are putting inside the container will help to determine the container’s perfect size, length, width, and height. For example, 20ft container has an internal height of 7’10” and can hold an entire vehicle inside. The 40ft standard container has the same height but twice the length; it has a 2 car storage capacity. 


High cube containers have smaller storage capacities as compared to their standard size containers. But these storage facilities are a little taller than normal.


The custom storage containers from Ironspan are used for various areas like construction sites, mining sites, retail operations, gas and oil operations, recycling centers, etc. This company provides the best quality modified custom steel containers across Canada. These containers are highly durable and affordable. If you are looking for strong, long-lasting, reasonable, and multi-use storage containers, contact Ironspan. 


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