Iron Span is a Venture Premised on Technical Grit and Industrial Compliance

More often than not, identifying the choicest steel building manufacturers in a fiercely competitive market could be a mammoth affair, especially for beginners. However, at Iron Span, one of the widely recommended steel construction ventures in Canada, our posse of professionals continues to strive round the clock to meet the multifarious preferences of our customers.

The Ever-Shifting Priorities of Customers

Irrespective of the scope of the business, one cannot turn a blind eye to the ever-shifting priorities of customers. Accordingly, our enterprise continues to widen its field in order to brace the currents.

Iron Span pays special attention to the segmentation of the customer base. The breakdown facilitates speedy identification of immediate customers who need our services right away. Besides, our team understands the ever-dwindling information gap between buyers and sellers.

More importantly, as a reputed steel construction company in Canada, our team has a fair handle on the latest technological upgrades in the steel manufacturing domain. In consequence, swift delivery of projects and unflinching commitment to deadlines has been our mantra.

Safety is at the Forefront of our Business

No steel building manufacturing venture can bypass the safety credentials associated with the field. Our expert team has been meticulously trained on the nuances of safety protocols.

First, our experts gauge the site conditions. It includes reviewing proper access to the site, safe soil conditions for easy operations, environmental contours and details of underground conditions.

Next, our construction phase involves safe lifting and positioning of individual steel components, stability of half-erected structure and identification of sway forces such as winds. The process equally follows a precisely sequential method of stable erection.

Our onsite squad pays special attention to the working conditions of individual construction workers. No worker is permitted to the site without proper training and screening.

Qualitative Production is our Core Policy

Against the backdrop of an ever-evolving sector, Iron Span cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the technological upgrades, thereby impeding the prospects of top-notch deliveries. Our team has been keenly keeping tabs on the proliferating tech standards across the market.

Moreover, no steel building project trotted out from our end is even remotely in defiance to the published industrial standards. Our erecters follow a strict quality program which includes monitoring of locations, elevation, field bolting, tolerance limits and field welding, to name only a few.


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