Key Suggestions to Increased Constructability from Experts at Iron Span

Constructability is a term which the steel building industry continues to face from one project to the next. More often than not, inexperienced hands fail to bridge the gap between construction and design in more ways than one. Against such a backdrop, Iron Span has become a model in the construction industry. Accordingly, the following are the key suggestions from our experts.

  1. The need to embrace advanced technology

With the advent of improved technological upgrades in the market, steel building manufacturers in Canada have the unprecedented scope to tackle numerous challenges.

Consider, for instance, the application of the popular Building Information Modeling. Its application has led to extensive savings in the industry and yet not at the expense of efficiency.

  1. The significance of industrial collaboration

Commercially and otherwise, one cannot ignore the benefits of collaboration.

Speaking of efficiency, for instance, collaboration brings in a multidimensional perspective to a particular project. In consequence, experts can latch on to a string of novel suggestions, recommendations and ideas. With a considerable boost to innovation, the engineering and the architecture team may cut down significantly on costs and promote efficiency.

  1. Adherence to certified AISC standards

Another often-overlooked way to increase constructability is adherence to AISC standards.

According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, steel construction drawings should be detailed within tolerances of 1/16 inch and four decimal-degree angles.

While the fact remains that adhering to specifications may not at times be conducive to subjective design prospects, following the AISC norms is beneficial all the same. More importantly, steel manufacturers may cut down costs upon conforming to the regulations.

  1. Evaluation of completed projects

Re-evaluation of a project once it is completed is something etched into the model of Iron Span. More often than not, experts tend to move on to the next project right away. However, one cannot deny the importance of a post-project review, keeping in mind the stakes involved.

If an expert seeks to improve his or her learning curve, a post-project review is the way. Besides, one cannot deliver finished products without double-checking.


The prospects of the steel construction industry continue to be affirmative in more ways than one. Besides, with the advent of technological upgrades, the future is all the brighter. However, it is entirely up to steel manufactures to make the most of opportunities, more than anything else.

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