Key Things to Know About Using Shipping Storage Containers

With an increasing number of shipping containers, more and more people have started to repurpose them into durable storage units for commercial or residential use.

Custom storage containers in Canada are built to last and hardy so that they can withstand severe weather conditions. That means you can easily keep your inventory safe throughout the year. They are cost-effective and portable, meaning you can easily transport them to any location, provided there is enough space to manoeuvre.

If you are thinking of buying a storage shipping container, here are a few key things to consider to make sure that your storage is safe with minimal maintenance.

How will the container be delivered?

Shipping containers are delivered using one of the following types of trucks, a tilt-bed or a flatbed truck. Flatbed trucks are more cost-effective than others. You will also need a forklift to place the shipping container on the truck.

If the location is far from the container depot, it makes sense to consider the forklift cost. If the total price is higher, then a roll-off truck can be the answer.

Will you need permits?

You do not require a permit for any structures that do not have a permanent foundation. That means if you wish to set your storage container on a concrete footing, you will require to get a building permit.

Set up costs

While the upfront costs are relatively higher than a concrete building, the total costs and the time might be more than just getting a shipping container. There are construction costs, labour expenses, transporting materials and a lot more in the process of construction.

Solid foundation

No wonder you want your shipping container to last long. If that is the case, then it is a good idea to set up a solid foundation to maximize the lifespan of the container. Suppose you set up the container directly on the ground. In that case, moisture will affect the ventilation and drainage, which could lead to corrosion and decay.

Some prevalent low-cost foundation options are railroad ties, slab-on-grade and more. Your storage shipping container can be protected using bolts in the concrete foundation.

Securing the containers

New shipping containers come with lockboxes, unlike used containers. If your shipping container does not have one, consider adding a bolt-on lockbox. It will help you prevent others from having access to the lock. That means your storage is safe and secured.

Is the container well-ventilated?

If the temperature in your area keeps fluctuating, then it will cause condensation problems inside the container. This will damage your valuable storage in no time. In that case, it makes sense to install a proper ventilation system to facilitate good air circulation.

Interior odour

If there is any smell inside the container, spreading some instant coffee would help you get rid of the odour.

While buying shopping containers, make sure to check whether the supplier offers you the best deal based on your budget.

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