Know About Benefits of Pre-Engineered Steel Frame Construction

Structural steel is not just for the skyscrapers, but they are also used for large buildings and garages. There are various reasons why steel is the best choice for manufacturers from the beginning. A few of the reasons are sustainability, durability, and affordability. Pre-engineered steel structures are used to make metal building projects to the hybrid construction projects that have the features of both wood and steel. The builder gets lots of options to choose from when choosing the pre-engineered steel structures. Iron Span is the leading pre-engineering building company in Canada that specializes in offering steel structures and storage containers.

Steel is considered as the versatile building material that is infused in all stages of the construction process from floor joists, roofing to the framing. Here are some of the benefits of using structural steel as the best choice in the construction-

Steel Is Lighter Material than Wood

This seems to be surprising in the beginning. If you weigh 2*4 of wood and 2*4 of steel, the steel will surely weigh more due to its density. However, when consider framing, the I-beam steel structure is lighter than the wood of a similar design. The steel I-beam has less weight as compared to its glulams, parallam beams and LVL. Additionally, due to its lightweight, the steel structures require less labor to transport from one place to another. It will further reduce the project budgets.

Save Money with Steel Structures

Most of the cost-saving factors of steel depend upon labor and decreased construction time. Building frames with steel is a time saver and cost-effective. One of the best things associated with steel is that can be recycled. Rather than paying for the landfill fees to clear up the waste, the manufacturers can build steel structures from the old and wasted steel structures. Besides, steel is highly durable and thus it requires very low maintenance. It is an economical choice for builders. For the steel structures, the repairs, maintenance fees and replacement cost are minimal. Steel can withstand high winds and storms, snow loads and seismic activities. When combined all the points, steel becomes one of the most affordable materials on earth.

Build Faster With Steel Structures

Time has always equaled money. The fast-tracked projects are a nightmare for the architects and construction crews mainly because while taking short cuts, damage and accidents can happen. However, while constructing with steel, it takes very little time to complete the project. Addition to this, faster construction timeline can reduce the amount of time the project obstructs traffic and affect the flow.

Steel Is Versatile

The versatility of steel is unrivalled. The structural steel can be molded in various designs, shapes, and sizes as per the requirement of the customers. Steel’s versatility is one of the reasons why this material is considered as the best among all. Architects and designers like to use steel as this material help to expand their imagination.

Due to the above-discussed benefits of steel, most of the builders are using steel structures. You can take help from a reputed pre-engineering steel manufacturing company like Iron Span to have tensile and durable steel structures.

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