The Best Custom Storage Containers in Canada You Must Look For Your Projects

Containers are a multifunctional solution with varying possibilities for modification and personalization. When designing a custom storage container in Canada, durability, weight distribution, waterproofing, wear-resistant properties, and indestructibility are some of the considered properties. These storage containers have tremendous applicability in various options like office and tool storage, as well as being an instant operations center.

These containers are used along with fabric-building structures in many construction sites, mine sites, gas and oil operations, and retail and recycling operations. What makes it tricky is finding custom-designed containers that are affordable without compromising on the quality of the same.

What are some of the questions to be asked before designing a custom storage container?

What is it needed for?

This is the first question that must be asked before designing a shipping or portable storage container. Depending on its usage, requirements like side, double, or refrigeration need to be factored in.

Does it fit the space requirements?

Once the purpose is known, the second step is to determine the size. Again, the space available or specified must be accounted for in the calculations and design—whether a single modified container or a combination set of containers that meet that size specification.

How to ensure an affordable price?

Some containers are designed for long-term storage, and some require certain specific requirements of strength and durability. There has to be an optimum balance between the requirements to ensure the end price is affordable.

Where is it going?

Weather and climate conditions at the location have to be taken into consideration when making the design. These conditions go on to determine the choice of material and dimensions and the nature of the modifications as well.

Other conditions to be considered are:

  • The size and weight of the load

  • The solid or liquid nature of the cargo

  • The degree of standardization of the cargo

  • If required, the type of crane and spreader required for the cargo.

The types of custom storage containers

Modifications help customize the containers to uniquely suit a wide range of use:

  • Site offices
  • Guard shacks
  • Mobile weigh-in stations
  • In-Plant stations
  • Cooling stations
  • Break rooms/Lunchrooms (including heating and air conditioning

What should you expect from the manufacturers?

  • Affordable rates for a diverse range of containers and modifications
  • Reliable and quality-ensured products with clever construction without compromising the quality of the product to ensure the satisfaction of our clients
  • Extensive years of experience in residential and commercial construction ensures products possessing innovation in all sections of prefabrication.
  • Having the reputation of being Canada’s most trusted metal building construction company
  • Coupled with its usage in fabric-covered buildings ensures a varied usage, unique custom modifications, and its applicability in various industries’ usage such as in oil and gas operations, retail operations, and recycling centers.
  • Dedicated and skilled team with decades of experience and expertise.

At Ironspan Canada, we provide a fleet of world-class pre-modified custom storage containers that serve a wide range of applications. We try our utmost to walk the extra edge to ensure the client’s satisfaction. If you are looking for a strong, durable, innovative, diverse purpose, and custom-built storage container, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team now!!

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