The Revolution Of Steel / Metal Building Construction Canada

With the advancements in the steel market all over the world, engineers started to take advantage of the spanning capabilities of steel building construction in Canada. The strength and low cost of steel have made it a popular material choice in the construction industry.

During World War II, the dire need for storage structures, barracks and hangers moved metal panels into the previous days’ metal building systems. Those metal buildings could be fabricated quickly, shipped to a location in no time, and quickly installed. When the war ended, the benefits of these metal building methods were transformed from war efforts to agricultural, industrial building applications.

The green building movement 

With changing building needs, the needs for metal building construction have also changed. Metal buildings meet the demands for sustainable structures. Green advantages of metal buildings are as follows:

  • Natural daylighting is one crucial aspect of metal buildings
  • Metal buildings are designed to be energy efficient. That means they can be insulated to keep the temperature controlled inside the structure
  • With metal roofs lasting around 30 years and beyond, metal building owners are likely to reap the gains of using metal as roofing materials
  • No other material is more recyclable than steel, which is another green advantage of metal buildings

Several factors have influenced the growth and success of the metal building market. However, the relationship between manufacturers and building contractors is the most critical. Each needed the help of the other to continue growth, provide innovation and meet the needs of the market. Today, the rich collaboration between manufacturers and contractors has helped metal buildings gain traction.

Structural factors 

One of the benefits of metal buildings is the industry’s ability to use welded-up frames as compared to mill sections. Today, engineers use sophisticated computer programs to create the most effective shape for a frame.

Metal roofs 

Metal roofs are the significant elements of steel buildings. They are cost-effective, versatile and can be installed on most buildings. They can be standing seam or through-fastened. A through-fastened roof is an economical choice for smaller construction projects.


For warehouses or distribution facilities (common uses for metal buildings), metal walls offer an extensive range of colours, coatings and profiles. In addition, insulating the metal building with fibreglass or insulated panels will allow owners to achieve significant energy efficiency, reducing cost and consumption.

Walk doors, windows or overhead doors are a variety of other components that can help facilitate the occupancy need. Even load-bearing concrete tilt walls can support windows, ensuring natural lighting is coming inside the building.

Iron Span Canada is one of the leading steel building companies in Canada, offering cost-effective metal building solutions to clients. If you are looking for industry-standard expertise combined with up-to-date knowledge for your metal construction project, do not hesitate to contact us.

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