Things You Want To Learn About Various Types Of Steel Used In Construction

As per statistics, steel building construction in Canada is one of the most popular methods of construction. The combination of steel’s durability and versatility means that this is ideal for conventional, residential, or commercial structures. Hence, you can use steel in your next construction project.

Various types of steel used in construction projects

First, let us discuss some of the main types of steel building options available out there. Due to steel’s flexibility, there are several different types you can use. These are:

Plain carbon or mild steel

It is a common type of steel used in construction, and its USP is its durability.

Not only can it endure heavy pressure, but is also flexible and ductile. This type of steel is easier to handle; however, it becomes weaker at extremely high temperatures. This is why you want to extra careful about fire protection.

Rebar steel

The chances are that you have seen rebar steel in plenty of buildings. However, it is not meant to function on its own.

Instead, it is used to create additional tension for either reinforced concrete or masonry. Rebar steel is made out of carbon steel with ridges added to the anchor in the concrete. Thus it helps to hold the concrete in a compressive state. Rebar steel is available in various forms, from epoxy-coated bars, chromium to stainless steel.

Structural steel

Structural steel components are made from a specific cross-section to follow essential standards for chemical and mechanical properties. The features like I-beams, Z-shapes, and structural channels can be cut out of this steel. Like other steel components, this steel is incredibly durable. However, maintenance is needed to prevent corrosion and extreme heat.

Standard frames used in steel building construction Canada

Arch buildings: Arch buildings have a self-supporting structure without any interior columns, beams or trusses. The sheeting on the exterior can serve as a wall, ceiling, or roof. These are generally favoured due to their ease of assembly.

Multi-span rigid frames: These frames use beams and pillars like the single-span construction method. However, by adding columns for interior support, they can provide unmatched strength.

Columns in these structures can be placed wherever necessary, generally hidden inside the walls. This is important when you need a larger interior space, and columns are not an issue.

Single-span rigid frames: These structures are made with a beam providing support at either frame. The primary advantage of this option is to create an unobstructed covered space without the need for any interior columns. An average single-span building can be up to 120 feet wide. If you are willing to use tapered or straight columns, it can be even more expensive.

To conclude

Steel building construction is a complex process from the contractor’s end. One needs to make sure the construction is performed by professionals using suitable construction materials.

At Iron Span Canada, we specialize in manufacturing world-class steel structures at affordable prices. Whether your next project is a residential, commercial or industrial one, do not hesitate to contact us.

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