What Makes Steel the Best Material for Stairs Construction in Canada

In these current days, steel has become one of the most popular choices for architectural metal fabrication like stairs. Steel is best for interiors and exterior metal stairs. There are various reasons why steel has become a good option for builders. Steel has extreme versatility in design, whether the design style is simple, traditional, modern or elegant. This helps open up many possibilities for architects and designers to build structures with steel.

Steel structures in Canada that are made with pre-engineered steel has been selected as it is one of the best in terms of structural durability and of high resilience to the drastic changes in the environment. In addition, they are better than the wooden stairs in terms of weather conditions changes and other factors.

Two Types of Steel That Are Used for Custom Staircase

Most of the metal staircases available in the market are either structural steel or stainless steel. These are two types of metals that deliver the finest quality of steel, and they deliver durable and versatile products that are widely used by developers worldwide.

  • Structural Steel –

It is one of the most common types of stair material used for construction. You can find this material in almost everything around, like on the safety road barriers, roof construction, steel facades, sign poles and so on. The mechanical properties of structural steel make them one of the best to take the stairs. Steel is generally composed of iron and carbon and various alloy elements depending upon the usage purpose of the same.

  • Stainless Steel-

Stainless steel is another metal used to make staircases and railings, mainly for indoor applications. It is named after this steel does not stain, corrode, and rust away easily like structural steel. These properties help them with low maintenance, they are low in cost, and they have a familiar lustre that provides additional value, making it one of the best materials for custom steel cases.

Custom Steel Staircase Types and Fabrication

When these stairs are handled with utmost care and detailing, the experts believe that the steel staircase will be having a fantastic addition to any domestic and commercial building. Stair treads cut of the metal are certainly not the costliest ones, but metal is the most versatile option as they have lots of possibilities to offer in terms of finish and style to the customers.



Straight staircases are one of the most common types of architectural designs that you will get in the market. If you want to have something practical and straightforward, this type of staircase will be a good choice. They have the least complex fabrication process, and they are very easy to install. The custom straight stairs are also given the complex railing design if you want them to be attractive and simple to use. The professional staff uses the latest tools and laser cutting techniques to shape and offer high-end quality stairs.


The curved staircase is a customized design you will get in the market. They do not have any central supporting pillar. They are also not limited to the circular shape and might be built-in oval and elliptical shape, giving an extremely elegant appearance to the users. This is why they are almost located at the entry of the focal point. It is one of the latest types of custom steel stairs, and the talented engineers who work on these stairs such designs involve experience, skills and capabilities. If you are looking for this type of steel stairs construction in Canada, you can help the expert builders who work in this field.


Metal spiral staircases follow the helical arc like the shape of the spring, and they are best for areas with limited space and in compact places where you want to save space but want to install the stairs. This type of custom stair will leave an impression in the mind of the users.

Apart from these, there are various other steel stair designs custom-made by the experts depending on the business needs. Want to have good quality steel stairs for commercial space? Get them from Ironspan Canada, one of the leading companies that offer steel stairs.

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