What You Want To Know Before Purchasing A Metal Carport

Garages are common today in every modern house. This was not the case a while ago. Vehicles used to remain parked on the street or driveways, exposed to the elements and bad weather events, which made garages more desirable today.

If your house does not have a garage and you are thinking of owning one, there is an easy solution, i.e. carports. Metal carports are an incredible way to protect your vehicles from all the potential hazards without investing in a full-time garage. If the idea of installing a metal carport tickles your fancy, this guide is for you.

Not all carports available on the market would fit your specific needs. At Iron Span Canada, we would like to guide you on shopping for a metal carport for your vehicles. There are a number of steel building companies in Canada, claiming their services are the best; however, you ought to choose the right one to get the best results.

Metal carports are more than just a protective shelter

When it comes to fulfilling your outside storage needs, metal carports are a true match. Whether you need an outdoor space for your vehicle or are after a fancy outdoor patio, prefabricated metal carports are what best suit your need.

Carports are used to give shelter to your expensive vehicle or valuable equipment. Keeping them exposed to nature could cause damage from the sunlight, dirt, dust and moisture – something you would not want. They can also be used as a safe space for a covered picnic spot outdoor.

Questions to ask before purchasing a carport

What size of carport do you need?

Metal carports are fabricated to suit specific requirements. They are suited for just about anything, be it sheltering your car, RV or even a fleet. Before building one, make sure you have answers to the following questions:

  • What will you store under the carport?
  • How tall is the vehicle?
  • Will you store other things apart from the vehicle?

Having answers to these questions helps you to order the right size. You want your carport to be big enough to accommodate your storage need. If it is an RV, for example, the carport ought to be spacious.

Where do you want to install the carport?

The positioning of your carport is important. You need to make sure the area is level, having enough space for your metal carport. Measure the length and width of the site where you intend to install the carport. It is ideal for your carport to be located at a safe distance from your house.

Does the carport need extra support?

Metal carports do not have any trusses or additional bows; still, they are strong enough. They feature a very minimalistic design, though. Since steel is used in constructing metal carports, they offer resistance to hazardous elements.

Do your carport design plans need to be certified?

As per the local building regulations, certification is required before constructing a metal carport. Make sure you hire a reputed steel building company that complies with the local building codes’ rules and regulations.

How much does a metal carport cost?

There is no fixed pricing for metal carports because every customer is unique, and so do their requirements. Carports are priced on the basis of the size and customization requirements of various clients. Once you have a clear idea of the size of your new carport, check out various styles and models that you think will work for you.

Iron Span Canada can help you with installing quality metal carports

When it comes to installing a metal carport, it makes sense that you have access to professional craftsmanship. This is why you may want to work with us. We have an expert team of metal building contractors who can guide you in customizing and building the right carport to suit your needs.

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