Why Choose Steel Staircase Over Concrete Stairs in the Construction Sector?

The stairs are considered one of the multi-level structures people witness in industrial, residential, and commercial spaces. So it is very important to consider the right design and building of these stairs, and considering the material to construct the stairs is also an important factor to keep in mind. This is why most of the builders are choosing steel stairs construction in Canada, as steel has lots of benefits over traditional materials.

Apart from the steel material, the stairs can be made with other materials like concrete and wood. However, they are conventional construction materials. Concrete stairs have been used for several centuries. If you belong to the construction industry, you might be confused between choosing steel or concrete stairs for the buildings. Here, you will know why it becomes easier to choose steel over concrete to make the stairs. Several companies, like Ironspan Canada, offer steel stairs for commercial purpose.

Why Choose Steel Stairs over Concrete Stairs

Before you delve into the details of whether to choose the concrete stairs or steel ones, you should first know the composition of both of these materials and the components inside. Steel stairs are mainly made with steel, and concrete stairs are made with pure concrete. Both the materials have their pricing and packages for construction. Both steel and concrete have their applications and usages in commercial sectors. However, steel structures are less weighty and stronger, durable than wooden and concrete counterparts.

  • Steel is a popular alloy made by combining iron, carbon and other materials. The steel material is applicable for commercial stairs where they are primarily galvanized with a zinc coating that reduce the chance of corrosion from reaching the steel stairs below. It also enhances the longevity of steel stairs too. In some utilities, pre-engineered stainless steel structures are naturally resistant, which is why the steel stairs are used in construction.
  • On the other hand, concrete is made with different components like water and aggregate particles like rock, stone, gravel and sand mixed with powdered cement. The cement powder acts as the building agent when mixed with water, and the aggregate mixed in the solution and poured will harden in the form of concrete.

You can understand the main difference between steel stairs and concrete ones from the above points. If you look around, various structures are made with steel buildings, and steel stairs are being installed for better access.

For instance, steel staircase Canada are in high demand these days in almost all business areas.

On the other hand, concrete steps are popular for their wide range of applications in outdoor areas, and they are best for residential usage.

Stainless steel stairs are affordable, durable, and widely available in various design options. In addition, these stairs are easy to install, require very little maintenance, and can easily be moved to the installation site when needed.

If you want to install steel stairs for the commercial space, you can buy them from Ironspan Canada, one of the leading and reputed providers of steel stairs.

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